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Michael C., 20th-century English physician. See: Oldfield syndrome.
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Sgt Oldfield said the wildlife is "truly spectacular" and the king penguins are a favourite.
Oldfield also said that after Prince Harry was born in 1984, Princess Diana was no longer required to have sex with her husband.
Oldfield put his arm around her neck, before following her into the kitchen and punching her several times to the face.
He told the hearing he did not know how often Ms Oldfield took the tablets or how many she took, but said he believed his mother had been given 45mg tablets.
Oldfield was found to be a disqualified driver and her vehicle was seized.
In 1899, Oldfield became America's 156th Post Office Inspector--joining the ranks of the most powerful federal law enforcement agents in the country.
At the Lancaster Summer Assizes the mystery writer was later proved correct as Mr Oldfield was acquitted of the charge by Baron Parke.
Ms Oldfield said: "There is your basic subscription of 40 pods a month or one bag of coffee, or you can double it, depending on how much you want."
At Kingston crown court, Linegar, Oldfield and three gang members received jail sentences totalling 271/2 years.
He said Oldfield "would not take no for an answer", pulled her towards him and forced his hands on to her.