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Michael C., 20th-century English physician. See: Oldfield syndrome.
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Signed in 1961, Oldfield made 171 appearances and was ever-present in both 1965-66, when Town narrowly missed out on promotion to the top flight, and 1967-68, when they reached the League Cup semi-finals.
The name Oldfield was carefully chosen to represent the reliability of their products and pay homage to the town of Laurel, where the couple was raised.
Harrow-educated Dougal, one of three children Tubular Bells star Oldfield had with Sally Cooper in the 80s, died during an evening shift as an edit assistant with Envy Post-Production in London.
Mr Oldfield said: "We're delighted Oldfield Events has got off to such a strong starts, with two prestigious clients under its belt.
Opposite winger Daryl Millard raced 50 metres to the line, before Oldfield completed the whitewash in the final minute with Alex Walmsley and Pelissier in the sin bin.
Oldfield read published reports about SQ109 and realized that the drug would likely be multifunctional because it had chemical features similar to those found in other systems he had investigated.
Ifan Oldfield of Ruthin Tri Stars won the T3 boys', ahead of Anglesey's Cedol Dafydd and Tomos Elian Jones of Taff Ely Tri.
Still, at least Scotland Yard didn't waste any more money on intelligence, spying on Oldfield to try to find out if he's planning anything today.
The Metropolitan Police Service contacted Oldfield by letter and on Twitter to establish whether he was planning any action this year, saying they were "keen to facilitate any peaceful protest".
Oldfield, 36, mounted his protect against elitism by disrupting the traditional boat race featuring two of the world's most prestigious universities.
Mr Oldfield has worked in the property industry in Coventry for 27 years.
Singer, Leeds, West Yorks WHAT a pity Trenton Oldfield didn't get hit on the head by an oar.