NADPH dehydrogenase

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NADPH de·hy·dro·gen·ase

a flavoprotein oxidizing NADPH to NADP+.
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Otto, German biochemist and Nobel laureate, 1883-1970.
Barcroft-Warburg apparatus - Synonym(s): Warburg apparatus
Barcroft-Warburg technique - Synonym(s): Warburg apparatus
Warburg apparatus - for measures the oxygen consumption of incubated tissue slices by manometric measurement of changes in gas pressure produced by oxygen absorption in an enclosed flask. Synonym(s): Barcroft-Warburg apparatus; Barcroft-Warburg technique
Warburg old yellow enzyme - a flavoprotein oxidizing NADPH to NADP+. Synonym(s): NADPH dehydrogenase
Warburg respiratory enzyme - a system of cytochromes and their oxidases that participate in respiratory processes. Synonym(s): Atmungsferment
Warburg theory - that the development of cancer is due to irreversible damage to the respiratory mechanism of cells, leading to the selective multiplication of cells with increased glycolytic metabolism, both aerobic and anaerobic.
Warburg-Lipmann-Dickens-Horecker shunt - Synonym(s): Dickens shunt
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