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o´culus (eye).


[L.] o (eye).

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Q. My 11 y/o son eyes appear to have a slight yellow in the whites toward the corners. I am assuming he will need blood work, but does anyone have any idea what may be the cause?

A. If it's not a spot, but rather a diffuse color, it may be jaundice - high levels in the blood of a substance called bilirubin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaundice).

If your child is generally healthy, and this change appeared without any overt problem (e.g. liver disease or blood problem), or your child had fever or fasted recently, this jaundice may represents Gilbert syndrome. It's a syndrome of slightly elevated levels of bilirubin, and considered not dangerous.

You may read more here:http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000301.htm

Q. How can you tell that your depressed? and when you find out you are, can you get treatment w/o parents consent I believe i am depressed.. i want to get help but i don't want to go to my parents. They are not the greatest and i want some sort of medicine. I was just wondering if i could get a over the counter medicine for cheap...

A. find something you like to do; my children when they were down, used to go to the net an make a music CD from free music web sites on line.there are a lot,I will give you some----LIMEWIRECOM---ROCKETCOM---IMEST-keep your mind doing somthing-make a play list on your computor,play with your cat/dog-I have 5 cats they keep me going.find out if you like ART/drawing--read a good book--watch a good muvie(not a sad one)----------get better-----mrfoot56

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Definition: Under the bright-fine nexus standard, a person "has a substantial nexus with" Ohio if it has a bright-line presence in the state, defined by ORC [section] 5751.
According to reports in several Ohio newspapers, including The Columbus Dispatch and the Toledo Blade, other prominent religious conservatives are coordinating with the Lancaster pastor.
While the Ohio investment tax credit did benefit local interests, it placed no burden on out-of-state activities and therefore, defendants argued, was constitutionally sound.
Harris explains that the reason for the rule is to ensure that Ohio C&D facilities are receiving the kind of waste deemed appropriate for the facility.
Ohio state officials collected nominations up until the July 15th deadline for the 2004 National Register of Big Trees.
Memorial contributions may be made to the Ed Johnson Scholarship Fund, College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, The Ohio State University; Ohio 4-H Learning Center, The Ohio State University; or the Bellpoint United Methodist Church.
Both UCLA and Ohio State were one quarter away from playing for the national title last year: for the Bruins, the fourth in Miami; for the Buckeyes, the fourth against Michigan State.
The settlement was agreed to by OCC, East Ohio Gas, the PUCO Staff, the City of Cleveland, the Western Reserve Alliance, Greater Cleveland Welfare Rights Organization, the Cleveland Community Energy Coalition, the Greater Cleveland Schools' Council of Governments, the Ohio Oil and Gas Association, the Industrial Energy Users-Ohio, the Residential Energy Conservation Coalition, and the Northeast Ohio Apartment Association.
Bob Evans suggested a major change in program design by asking that all its stores in the Central Ohio area become training sites and that the training of new employees be accomplished through a buddy system.
Through the Ohio Centric Program, the State of Ohio will help create college access programs for Ohio students.
TEI submits that four distinguishing characteristics of Ohio's investment tax credit at issue here render it constitutional: (a) Ohio is not discriminating against products manufactured or business operations performed in any other State, (b) the investment tax credit is not related to discrete transactions and it does not target a particular product or industry, (c) the amount of the credit does not change relative to activities in other states, and (d) Ohio's statute does not discriminate on its face but rather is freely available to any corporation engaging in the prescribed activities in Ohio.