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Michael, Jr., U.S. surgeon, 1869-1926. See: O'Hara forceps.
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Ohara Davies (black trunks) and Derry Mathews (white trunks) in action during their WBC Silver Super Lightweight title contest at The O2 Arena in March.
But it is worth noting that among these numerous art museums, the Ohara Museum and Bridgestone Museum stand out as the two prominent ones which received the most requests from overseas museums to lend their Impressionist paintings.
Ohara had arrived in the Philippines without travel documents in October 2011 purportedly to escape the Japanese mafia, court records showed.
When a Japanese bank opened its offices in the Waldorf Astoria, they visited the Ohara center to choose someone to install flower arrangements in its windows on Park Avenue.
Ohara and Watanabe were welcomed to the Sultanate of Oman by the entire team of Saud Bahwan Group.
Kenyo Ohara, discussed below, was arraigned in Mindanao, but imprisoned in Leyte.
These new models will not only add to the comfort of our consumers, but will also help reduce power consumption and further empower individuals to save energy easily and contribute to the environment," Ohara explained, adding that the new technology precisely managed the speed o f the compressor, resulting in up to 30% less energy consumption, compared to a non-inverter model.
According to the licence agreement, BTG has to supply glucarpidase to Ohara and the latter is responsible for the development programme and registration in Japan.
Yoshimichi Ohara, 73, an executive of a fashion information provider, purchased a total of 268,000 Seiyu shares for around 23 million yen between October 2 and 19, 2007, after hearing from his wife that Wal-Mart was about to take over the Japanese company, the securities watchdog told prosecutors.
M2 EQUITYBITES-6 July 2010-EUSA Pharma licenses Japanese rights to Erwinase to Ohara Pharmaceutical(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The most popular styles of flower arrangement in Japan are the Sogestu, Ikenobo and Ohara.
Our commitment to playing defense was a little more present in the second half," Flintridge Prep coach Garrett Ohara said.