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Michael, Jr., U.S. surgeon, 1869-1926. See: O'Hara forceps.
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In so copiously including sections of Uchimura's written work, Professor Howes provides us with yet another facet of Ohara Shin's polyhedron.
Ohara said Ito-Yokado plans to set up automated banking transaction machines at 6,000 outlets operated by Seven-Eleven Japan Co.
SIR - I'M wondering if you can help me by asking your readers if they have any information on my great aunt, whose name was Catherine Louisa Ohara, born 1921 in Burnley, England.
THERE ARE NO LONG, BORING DRIVES When the Ohara family goes on vacation.
Andrew Mills, Roger Wood, (Midven), Gary OSullivan, Gareth OHara, Andy Kay, Robert Hankin.
The chances of China overtaking Japan in nominal GDP in 2008 are around 10 percent and the chances of that happening in 2009 or 2010 are about 40 percent each,'' said Atsuji Ohara, a global strategist with Shinko Securities.
Xu, Qin, Shigeki Takekida, Noriyuki Ohara, Wei Chen, Regine Sitruk Ware, Elof D.
Tokyo, Japan, July 25, 2006 - (JCN) - Ohara, a mid-sized chemical producer, will increase its production capacity for hard disk glass glass substrates.
WITH by Ken Ohara features a photographic series of one-hour exposure portraits unlike anything you've seen, challenging the concept of traditional portrait appearances and evaluative processes.
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Throughout his WW II combat career Ohara flew several versions of the Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero.