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Joseph H., U.S. otolaryngologist, 1915-1983. See: Ogura operation.
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7 PTO (Standard): 1-1/8 SAE Keyway; electric clutch; Ogura GT3.
As Japan heads into the season of peak demand for room air-conditioners, Ogura and other Daikin managers have been tasked with figuring out how to boost output by some 20 per cent.
The initial promise of the ultrafast lasers is the laser micromachining of metals as life-sciences companies continue to reduce post-processing steps such as grinding, de-burring and electro-polishing after laser-cutting products like metal stents, hypotubes, nitinol and precious metal-based devices," said Glenn Ogura, senior vice president of market development for Resonetics, a Nashua, N.
Misao Okawa, a descendant of kimono merchants in the city of Osaka, western Japan, received a visit from town mayor Takehiro Ogura earlier this week ahead of her birthday, a nursing home employee said.
Critique: With this major contemporary novel (and one that could well and accurately be inspired by today's Wall Street scandal stories), author Glenn Ogura demonstrates a rich woven and adroitly capable storytelling talent that is ideal for suspense laden thrillers that engage the readers total attention from beginning to end.
Edited by Michio Hosaka, Michiko Ogura, Hironori Suzuki, and Akinobu Tani
These are great pieces for that aspirational customer who wants to buy into a specific brand,'' said Tomoko Ogura, the senior fashion director at Barneys.
Presiding Judge Akihiro Ogura, in handing down the decision, said the victim's testimony was reliable.
The managing director, Kazuki Ogura, said that the company, registered as a non banking financial institution (NBFC) in India, planned to start operations in Pune and Mumbai very soon.
He especially wants to retain the services of Japan Football Association President Junji Ogura in some capacity after the former FIFA executive committee member steps down later this year due to mandatory retirement.
Many authors consider the structure of vascular bundles significant in identifying different taxonomic groups, including Ogura (1972), White (1974), Lin and De Vol (1977, 1978), Gracano et al.