Ogston-Luc operation

Og·ston-Luc op·er·a·tion

(og'stŏn lūk),
a rarely used surgical procedure for frontal sinus disease; a skin incision is made from the inner third of the edge of the orbit toward the root of the nose; the periosteum is elevated superiorly and laterally; the sinus is opened; and a wide opening is made by curetting the nasofrontal duct, interior of the frontal sinus, and anterior ethmoid cells.
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Ogston-Luc operation

An obsolete procedure once used to relieve frontal sinusitis, in which sinuses were accessed by a midline incision.
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Henri, French laryngologist, 1855-1925.
Caldwell-Luc operation - see under Caldwell, George W
Luc forceps
Luc operation - Synonym(s): Caldwell-Luc operation
Ogston-Luc operation - see under Ogston


Sir Alexander, Scottish surgeon, 1844-1929.
Ogston line - a guide to resection of the medial condyle for genu valgum.
Ogston-Luc operation - an operation for frontal sinus disease.
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