Kyusaka, 20th-century Japanese physician. See: Ogino-Knaus rule.
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(CEO: Katsuro Ogino), has extended its services to people with tattoos at all of its locations.
When power and gas firms battle it out against Tokyo Electric (Tepco) or Kansai Electric for an extended period, gas firms could lose," said Reiji Ogino, senior analyst at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities.
A total of twelve ships namely, MSC Noa, MSC Busan, CMA CGM Tancred, Dewi Saras Wati, Parnassos, Lowland Future, Engiadina, Coventry, Ogino Park, Cool Express, Capella and Sovereign are currently occupying PQA berths to load/offload Containers, Kernel, Coal, Canola Seeds, Phosphoric Acid, LNG, Palm oil and Diesel oil respectively.
Engineering Director Wencelso Villavicencio (right) explains to Tokyo Metro International Relations Department Head Takihiro Tanisaka and Rolling Stock Department Manager Tomohisa Ogino the improvements done in LRT-1 since LRMC took over in 2015.
[10] (77.5) RGEV + SRCV + RCV (19.0) RGEV + SRCV + MCV (12.7) RGEV + SRCV + RCV + MCV (11.4) RGEV + ASPDV + RCV (40.8) RGEV + ASPDV + MCV (1.4) Ogino 2014 71 71/81 RGEV + ASPDV + RCV + MCV et al.
Following are the four types of rocks employed for testing: Tage tuff, Ogino tuff, Emochi andesite, and Jingkou sandstone.
Ogino et al., "Intracranial subdural haematoma after resection of thoracic spinal cord tumor," Journal of Spinal Disorders & Techniques, vol.
The article by Howard, Ogino, Payne and Dunn, on teacher and learner understandings of why students elect to continue the study of a language into the senior secondary years, draws attention to the fact that teacher assumptions about learners' interests and motivations do not always align with those described by the learners themselves.
Sugimoto T, Hashimoto M, Hayakawa I, Tokuno O, Ogino T, Okuno M, et al.
Miho Ogino, in "From Abortion to ART: A History of Conflict between the State and the Women's Reproductive Rights Movement in Japan after World War II," demonstrates how influential feminists were in shaping postwar contraception and abortion policies.