Office of Inspector General

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Of·fice of In·spec·tor Gen·er·al

(OIG) (aw'fis in-spek'tŏr jen'ĕr-ăl)
Government (federal, state) agency that investigates and prosecutes fraud in government health care programs.
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HHS's Office of Inspector General currently is auditing five Medicare contractors to determine if they are complying with MSP provisions and procedures and to determine the amount of improper Medicare payments.
"The Office of Inspector General reaffirms what we already knew: The Pattern of Violation process is badly broken," Solis says.
Roberta Baskin, a longtime investigative reporter, will apply her watchdog skills in her new role as a senior communications adviser in the Office of Inspector General at the U.S.
The HHS office of inspector general estimated that 3.2 million ultrasound claims, about 1 in 5 nationwide, have at least one characteristic that is questionable.
To help protect this investment, in March 2008, USDOT's Office of Inspector General released a video on fraud awareness to educate government officials, contractors, and the public about common fraud schemes.
Technical Career Institutes, Inc., which offers associate degrees and certificates in several technological fields, improperly paid off loans for 301 students who withdrew from classes in order to prevent the students from defaulting, according to the Office of Inspector General of the U.S.
The VA's Office of Inspector General estimated that the data files contain information on about 535,000 individuals.
"During the last rive months," McCaul states in his letter, "due to my deep concern over the fate of these Agents, I have relentlessly requested information detailing the facts surrounding this case from both the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General and the Department of Justice.
Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Inspector General (OIG) with an additional $25 million per year specifically for targeting Medicaid fraud activities.
Last month, the Department's Office of Inspector General issued a report critical of the Reading First program's grant application process (
Also available is the G-2 Compliance Resource Guide, a compilation of key OIG (Office of Inspector General) documents for voluntary compliance programs; ask for report CRG5EC.
Army Audit Agency; Department of Defense Office of Inspector General; Department of State Office of Inspector General; the GAO; and U.S.

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