Office of Civil Rights

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Of·fice of Ci·vil Rights

(OCR) (aw'fis sīv'ĭl rīts)
Agency responsible for enforcement of HIPAA privacy rule.
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Of all the complaints filed with the Office of Civil Rights, 80 percent pertain to discrimination in sports, which indicates that we still have a long way to go before we have true equality.
But when [DeVos] was asked, 'Do you see any issues today that need a robust federal civil rights role,' and she said, 'I can't think of any,' that struck me as a very bad sign about where the Office of Civil Rights could be headed."
"Prior laws enforced by the Office of Civil Rights barred discrimination based only on race, color, national origin, age, or disability.
In 2004, the Office of Civil Rights handled its first employment case, which involved a North Florida utility company where the hostile work environment included frequent racial slurs and a noose on display.
Department of State's Office of Civil Rights has asked Stephanie H.
A special fund from the Commonwealth of Virginia's Office of Civil Rights. which helps bring minority institutions technologically up-to-date, financed NSU's wireless implementation.
The United States Commission on Civil Rights's Office of Civil Rights Evaluation (OCRE), over a period of years, has reviewed data relevant to civil rights enforcement funding, staffing, and workload levels.
Examples of topics that can be accessed through this site include sex discrimination, race and national origin discrimination, disability discrimination, developing policies to avoid discrimination, and the Office of Civil Rights complaint process.
The DHHS Office of Civil Rights will enforce civil violations of the Privacy Rule, and the Department of Justice will enforce criminal violations; the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is responsible only for enforcing the transactions and code set standards, with compliance due October 16, 2003.
Representatives from the Department of Transportation's (DOT's) Office of Policy, General Counsel, and Office of Civil Rights were also present.
In 1996, acting on a complaint from a female student's mother, the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights ruled that the Black Male Achievement Initiative, a mentoring network in the predominantly black schools of Prince George's County, Maryland, that matched boys with successful professional men, had to be opened to girls.
Copies of the environmental justice guidance documents are available on the EPA Office of Civil Rights website, which can be accessed via

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