Office Rage

An explosive anger reaction by an office worker to a seemingly minimal trigger, often ‘primed’ by an accumulation of prior stressors, including personality clashes, annoying habits of co-workers, overbearing bosses, crashing computer, etc.
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There's office rage, cubicle rage and now even desk rage.
Psychotherapist and occupational stress expert Lucy Beresford: "There is no doubt office rage is on the increase, but a range of initiatives such as crisper meetings or interpersonal kindness could reduce stress levels and extend the life expectancy of office equipment.
Yet a new survey by Canon shows that the city ranks fifth for office rage behind Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester and Belfast.
OFFICE rage is reaching unprecedented levels, according to a recent study into workplace anger at the University of Central Lancashire.
Research by Newcastle-based recruitment specialist Sellick Partnership has shown office rage is on the increase, pushing stress levels to an all time high.
Around 65 per cent of UK office workers reported experiencing office rage.
Most of the time there is office envy--another person who wanted to have an affair, and they hear that this other woman is hooked up with you--it can cause office tension and office rage.
A MERSEYSIDE stress management firm is carrying out the biggest survey of its kind into office rage.
It is all aimed at avoiding incidents of trolley rage, which has joined road rage and office rage as the scourge of stressed- out Britons.
After road rage and air rage, the latest anger phenomenon to sweep Britain is office rage.
Because as well as the aforementioned "rages" we now have another in our midst - office rage.
I am not advocating that we all go around laughing merrily, this in itself adds to the increase of the annoyance factor and could lead to office rage.
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