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Abbreviation for:
obese hypertensive
occipital horn
occupational health  
occupational history
open heart
oral hygiene
orthostatic hypotension
osteopathic hospital




The chemical moiety made up of a single atom of hydrogen and a single atom of oxygen.

Patient discussion about OH

Q. wats make people wat there are in this world oh wat drives people to good desitny why are people good and some bad wat drives people to act stupidly even if they don't wat? secondly why do people feel so lonely in counrty beyond home?

A. depends on their beliefs and education...i , for example, believe in every man accountability for his own life. you feel alone because people are social animals and need their "tribe". people of their culture, friends and family. i believe you are feeling lonely. well you are not, it's just a feeling that will pass on.

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Here's the issue: Because off-hook agents maintain an open SIP stream to particular gateways, in a multi-gateway deployment you need to understand how a call received on one gateway can be routed to an agent connected off hook to another gateway.
Stainless steel panel, telephone panel size dimension 11 H x 9 W x 4 D; 18 armored cord handset; Background noise reduction to allow public to hear above the freeway traffic row; Internal volume control; Auto hang-up / auto shut off to prevent inadvertent off-hook condition; Mechanical hookswitch; Weather proof and rust proof; Fire proof; Circuit board~s approximate size 7 H x 4 W x 3 D or smaller; Instruction label for handset operation (English and Spanish), size 2 H X 3 W, font~s color black,background~s color copper gold.
Noble Systems gives you superior reporting tools by logging all call events for each attempt - including rings, off-hook, voice detection, switching, etc.
Tenders are invited for Magneto Phone Model M-14, Designed For Defense, Also Complying With All Clauses Of Spec Irs: Tc: 36/97 Latest With In-Built Battery Box, Off-Hook Ringing Facility, Heavy Duty Cords With Clamp Anchoring And Funnel Grommets Noise Sheltered Mouthpiece Etc Usable As Desk Top Or As Wall Mounted Vertically Or Similar