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symbol for hydroxyl.


Abbreviation for:
obese hypertensive
occipital horn
occupational health  
occupational history
open heart
oral hygiene
orthostatic hypotension
osteopathic hospital




The chemical moiety made up of a single atom of hydrogen and a single atom of oxygen.

Patient discussion about OH

Q. wats make people wat there are in this world oh wat drives people to good desitny why are people good and some bad wat drives people to act stupidly even if they don't wat? secondly why do people feel so lonely in counrty beyond home?

A. depends on their beliefs and education...i , for example, believe in every man accountability for his own life. you feel alone because people are social animals and need their "tribe". people of their culture, friends and family. i believe you are feeling lonely. well you are not, it's just a feeling that will pass on.

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Those problems go away if the agent's off-hook IP connection is not fixed but can be dynamically reassigned to the appropriate gateway on the corporate network, regardless of geography.
Video interruptions can occur when the peak phase of the ring signal combined with the off-hook voltage create transients in the VDSL2 spectrum.
Traditional call handling tools - Toshiba SoftIPT emulates Toshiba desktop telephones providing call handling features, including caller ID, call transfer, call forward, single voice mailbox, soft keys, broadcast voice mail, voice mail indicator light, conference calling, and off-hook call announce;
VoIPvoice Cyberphone-K - A Skype handset that plugs into your computer's USB port and indicates the phone's connection and off-hook condition.
Clare's LITELINK(TM) III offers a broad feature set including high-voltage isolation, proper AC and DC phone line terminations, 2-to-4 wire hybrid function, on-hook and off-hook detection, caller ID and ring detect circuitry.