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n a deduction; a counterclaim; a contrary claim or demand by which a given claim may be lessened or cancelled.
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The low offset voltage reduces this need for off-setting components while achieving low power consumption, minimizing board-space usage and lessening design time and component cost.
Boundless Manufacturing will receive the benefit of it's outsourcing arrangement with Neoware off-setting some of the revenue loss driven by the shifting of the thin client revenue stream to Neoware.
GRE added 700 mw of new gas-fired simple cycle peaking generating this summer, off-setting some of GRE's purchase power contracts that expired and helping to meet member demand growth.
The new excavator, with its off-setting boom, addresses the market need for highly productive compact equipment which can operate in confined spaces.
Coinstar's current 89 percent ownership position requires it to consolidate the operating results of Meals into the parent, off-setting the results of Coinstar's core business.
Off-setting factors include the company's relatively small size and associated cost base compared to its peers, high concentration with one affinity group and the competitive environment in which it operates.
7 W5M to be drilled to a total depth of 3,780 meters and that at Waterton it is preparing to spud an exploration well a new Mississippian thrust sheet play off-setting its new Waterton gas field which averaged 50 mmcf/d of raw gas production and 40 mmcf/d of sales gas production net to Canadian 88 during the first quarter of 1999.