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Military medicine
The now-illegal practice of deliberately exposing military personnel and civilians to toxic war gases.

Vox populi
Flatulence, see their.


Release of gaseous chemicals from a solid. Cf Flatulence.
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With one in six homes across Wales relying on off-gas fuels, such as heating oil, liquid petroleum gas (LPG), coal or wood, the Welsh Government's Nest scheme is urging householders to contact them for information.
This was another example how the refinery has continued to maximise the routing of off-gas to Banagas, in particular crude gas recovery unit (CGRU) and NRC off-gas in order to improve the overall profit margin.
Its North Wales spokesman told Business Post it is launching a 'one stop shop' advice service for off-gas communities to help guide property owners through the complex, but financially rewarding, process of going green.
The pipeline will have an initial capacity of 43,000 bpd of off-gas liquids, with the future capability to transport up to 125,000 bpd by installing additional pump stations.
Vinyl: Vinyl flooring, a petroleum-based product, can off-gas for years after installation and is not your best option if you're concerned about indoor air quality.
With Alabama's frequent and intense storms, the challenges posed by lightning had proven to be especially trying due to repeated strikes to the off-gas stack.
Eventually a new and bigger gas cleaning plant will be constructed to handle all the off-gas from all of Inco's operating converters.
Complementary biocides work to essentially eliminate microbes that can off-gas odor.
New Facility Would Convert Propane Recovered from Off-Gas Processing into Propylene
Refinery off-gas from this unit will be used to extract petrochemical compounds like ethane, ethylene, propylene, butanes and propanes at a $4.
Contract Awarded for A refinery off-gas (ROG) expansion project at its Antwerp, Belgium, refinery complex