Off Ladder

Referring to a non-tenure track position (e.g., lecturer, assistant, associate) or activity (e.g., raising a family) that hinders a person from climbing a career ‘ladder’
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Man died after fall off ladder A DENBIGH man died two weeks after falling from a ladder at his home, it was revealed at an inquest.
"And my dad was always running into burning buildings and hanging off ladder trucks.
About three hundred people die annually from falling off ladders, more than twice that many from toaster fires.
"I've fallen off ladders a few times, which happens, and I've had a couple of near misses.
Apple says it monitored some 2,500 people -- measuring how they fell off ladders, missed a step while walking or got their legs caught in their pants while getting dressed.
Gill told stories of trips to her local A&E department, having fallen off ladders twice in less than two months - who would have thought flower arranging could be such a hazardous activity?
But there have been a high number of broken legs and other injuries from people, usually men, who have fallen off ladders trying to hang lights by themselves, said Daniel Checco, director of Silver Cross Hospital's Homer Glen Free Standing Emergency Center on 143rd and Bell Road.'Almost better off leaving your decorations up until one of the (weather) breaks,' Borrelli said, encouraging people to use ladders on stable ground after the snow and ice clear.
So they've come up with some top tips to encourage us not to fall off ladders, hammer our thumbs, or put nails through water and gas pipes.
The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics attributes falls from higher levels, usually off ladders, as the cause for 544 fatalities in 2012, the most recent year reported.
"And in addition to damaging homes it seems that people are also prone to injury with personal disasters ranging from a falling off ladders to drilling into hands." Barratt currently has a range of homes available in the Swansea area including Copper Quarter and Crymlyn Grove.
Every year hundreds of people fall off ladders and BREAK bones while hanging Christmas decorations.
Characters fall off ladders, bump and crash around while spitting and burping in each other's faces.