Off Ladder

Referring to a non-tenure track position (e.g., lecturer, assistant, associate) or activity (e.g., raising a family) that hinders a person from climbing a career ‘ladder’
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And my dad was always running into burning buildings and hanging off ladder trucks.
The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics attributes falls from higher levels, usually off ladders, as the cause for 544 fatalities in 2012, the most recent year reported.
I've known two people killed falling off ladders, so this is an issue close to my heart.
And in addition to damaging homes it seems that people are also prone to injury with personal disasters ranging from a falling off ladders to drilling into hands.
Every year hundreds of people fall off ladders and BREAK bones while hanging Christmas decorations.
Characters fall off ladders, bump and crash around while spitting and burping in each other's faces.
Instead of patients stepping on rakes Sideshow Bob-style, or falling off ladders, tempers become heated as the prison riot escalates, putting Jeff and Tom (Oliver Coleman) in grave danger.
They can occur during any type of activity from lawn mowing, to falling off ladders, or burns from cooking to lifting a child or lighting fireworks.
This method of working off ladders was ok as long as you stopped the bottom from slipping.
We used to make up the zinc guttering in long twenty foot lengths and with one on each end would knock in the six inch long galvanised nails to secure the gutter, this method of working off ladders was OK as long as you stopped the bottom slipping, as obviously with both of you up the ladders there would be no one else to do this job.
Also high on the list were self-inflicted injuries, with 3,256 people hurt while using power tools, 531 needing treatment after lawnmower accidents and 5,982 falling off ladders.
Around seven per cent end up falling off ladders or electrocuting themselves, with one in 10 ending up in hospital.