Endoscopic Band Ligation

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A treatment for esophageal varices, in which synthetic bands are placed around actively bleeding vessels. Band ligation may be more effective than the widely accepted sclerotherapy used to obliterate varices
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Objective: To study the efficacy of oesophageal band ligation versus use of ss-blockers for primary prophylaxis of 1st variceal bleed in portal hypertension Study Design: Randomized controlled trial Place and duration of study: At department of Medicine and Gastroenterology, Combined Military hospital Rawalpindi, during June 2006 to June 2007 Patients and Methods: Sixty eight patients with portal hypertension were included in the study after screening endoscopy.
Conclusion: The oesophageal band ligation is superior to ss -blockers in preventing 1st oesophageal variceal bleed but no difference in mortality was noted whichever prophylaxis was used in this study.
The concept of secondary prophylaxis for oesophageal bleed is now well established and both modalities of injection sclerotherapy or particularly oesophageal band ligation are a routine practice.
In group A, oesophageal band ligation was done till complete obliteration of the varicies was achieved which required 3 to 5 sessions on the average .
Present study also shows that oesophageal band ligation is superior to ss-blockers in preventing the first bleed .