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oer·sted (Oe),

A unit of magnetic field intensity; the magnetic field intensity that exerts a force of 1 dyne on a unit magnetic pole; equal to (1000/4π) A m-1.
[Hans-Christian Oersted, Danish physicist, 1777-1851]


A unit of magnetic field intensity; the magnetic field intensity that exerts a force of 1 dyne on unit magnetic pole; equal to (1000/4π) A·m-1.
[Hans-Christian Oersted, Danish physicist, 1777-1851]


[Hans Christian Oersted, Danish physicist, 1777–1851]
A unit of magnetic field intensity. An oersted is the magnetism that exerts a force of one dyne on a unit magnetic pole. This term has largely been replaced by the SI unit amperes per meter.
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This delivers extraordinary magnetic performance, coercivity exceeding 3000 oersted, and extremely high saturation magnetization of over 120emu/g.
16) En diversos trabajos, Steinle ha analizado los desarrollos exploratorios que diversos cientificos dieron al descubrimiento por parte de Oersted del fenomeno electromagnetico.
y las primeras descripciones de los fenomenos magneticos aparecieron en textos de Pierre de Maricourt (siglo XIII), William Gilbert (1544-1603), Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), Coulomb (1736-1806), Volta (1745-1827) y Hans Christian Oersted (1777-1851).
La comunidad cientifica estaba muy impresionada por el anuncio hecho un ano antes por el fisico Danes Hans Christian Oersted sobre su descubrimiento de la existencia de una relacion entre la electricidad y el magnetismo.
Coercivity of close to 8,000 oersted on silicon substrates was very close to the value achieved on commercially available magneto-optic media on a polyearbonate substrate and almost identical to the polycarbonate substrate results at Keele University.
Volta's battery had led to the 1820 discovery by Hans Oersted that electricity can produce magnetism.
Anders Sandoe Oersted, de origen danes, llega en 1846.
de traduccion Oersted, Experimenta conflictus electrici, nivel 3
Kluge (on animal magnetism), and Oersted, with other related entries concealed within the alphabetical order: for example, Schelling's Jahrbucher der Medizin, which is listed under J; for Schelling's full entry and that of Steffens, the primary influences, we must wait for Volume IV.
Most recently Oersted has expounded this Platonic view in connection with music by means of the example of the circle, for which he claims positive beauty.
and the University of Dayton, Ohio, has confirmed earlier work done by Soviet scientists suggesting that the ultimate tensile strength, strain to failure, and toughness of a neat diglycidylether of bisphenol-A (DGEBA) epoxy system could be significantly increased when the system was simultaneously cured and exposed to a 3700 Oersted or greater magnetic field oriented perpendicular to the material's test axis.