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King Oedipus of Thebes, mythical Greek hero.
oedipism - (1) self-infliction of injury to the eyes; - (2) manifestation of the Oedipus complex.
Oedipus complex - a phase of psychosexual development in which the child is erotically attached to the parent of the opposite sex and has feelings of aggression toward the same-sex parent.
Oedipus period - the time of a child's development characterized by erotic attachment to the parent of the opposite sex.
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In the second section of this study, Laforgue demonstrates how l'oedipe as a universal in the human psyche knows variable permutations, both historically and culturally, as seen in the literature after 1830.
Oedipe ran a blinder at Sandown last time but needs to dominate and won't overcome Nacarat.
These factors are shown to play a yet more unsettling role in Thomas Corneille's Timocrate, Pierre Corneille's Oedipe and Racine's La Thebaide.
Of Ducis' original tragedies, Oedipe chez Admete (1778; "Oedipus at the Home of Admetus") and Abufar (1795) are considered his best; the first earned him election to the Academie Francaise, in succession, ironically, to Voltaire.
Other important works by Gide, available in English, include the satires Paludes (1895) and Le Prom e th ee mal encha i ne (1899), collected as Marshlands and Prometheus Misbound (1953); the plays Philoctete (1899), Le Roi Candaule (1901), Saul (1903), Bethsab e (1912), and Persephone (1934), collected as My Theatre (1951); the play Oedipe (1931) and the tale Thes ee (1946), collected as Two Legends: Theseus and Oedipus (1950); and the tales Isabelle (1911) and The Pastoral Symphony, included in Two Symphonies (1931).
A point-to-point winner in 2009, Jetnova made his debut for King at Newton Abbot in May when he came off third best behind Oedipe, who has been highly tried in the past.
NEWTON ABBOT: 2.20 Oedipe, 2.50 Spirit Of Lake, 3.20 Nortonthorpe Lad, 3.50 Norborne Bandit, 4.20 Financialregulator, 4.50 Mr Hudson.
Ladbrokes: 3 Big Fella Thanks, 10 Silverburn, 10 Nacarat, 12 Fier Normand, Possol, Ungaro, 14 Fleet Street, Hold Em, Lacdoudal, 16 Oedipe, 20 bar.
Nicky Henderson, who won the Hennessy with Trabolgan three years ago, saddles Oedipe this time and said: "I think he has a chance.
Six-and seven-year-olds are dominant, so the winner should come from a group containing Albertas Run, Air Force One, Dear Villez, Madison Du Berlais, Always Waining, Oedipe, Verasi and Island Flyer.