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Latin form of Greek mythologic character, Odysseos. See: Ulysses syndrome.
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Greek mythological character.
Ulysses syndrome - the ill effects of extensive diagnostic investigations performed because of a false-positive result in the course of routine laboratory screening.
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After the notable success of past popular productions "Carmen" and "Zorba the Greek," the Cairo Opera House has decided to take literary adaptations to the next level with "Odysseus," the dance opera based on Homer's granddaddy of Greek literature "The Odyssey."Aa
While the play challenges the ABCs of prevention to some extent, when we begin to look a bit deeper we can see that there are other messages in the Namibian Odysseus, particularly around women, sexuality and HIV that spark greater debate.
As he does in Sophocles' version of the story, Philoktetes spends quite a while communicating the nature, extent and circumstances of his suffering to his would-be captors, but Jesurun keeps Odysseus nearly silent, allowing Philoktetes to dominate.
Aurora Flight Sciences has announced it has revealed Odysseus, a solar-powered autonomous aircraft, the company said.
Odysseus, hero of heroes, survived the Trojan War, fought with men, monsters, gods, and oceans.
As part of their prize, the Luxembourg Space Agency awarded Odysseus 500,000 euros (US$570,000) and invited the firm to join an ecosystem of over 50 firms developing space-related technologies in Luxembourg.
Could the very untamed nature of this area's powerful seismic forces then hold a clue too to Homer and Odysseus?
It is precisely this ecstasy of freedom (of becoming free) that Odysseus continuously partakes of.
When does she recognize Odysseus, how does she feel about his return, does she really hate the suitors, and can any of this be determined?
Daniel acknowledges an antipathy to the world of hard science to which his prickly father devoted his life, while Jay approaches Homer's revered work with skepticism born of a conviction that Odysseus was something less than a real hero.
Upton, who has built more than 400 travel agent websites over the past decade, says a lack of competition in the cruise tech space over the years means there's "huge potential" for Odysseus in the Australian & New Zealand market.