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olfactophobia, osmophobia, osphresiophobia, bromidosiphobia.
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The place had an odor for which there are no polite words; and it was sprinkled over with children, who raked in it from dawn till dark.
Inspector Jacks found himself wishing that the perfume of those lilacs might reach even to where he stood, and help him to forget for a moment that subtler and to him curiously unpleasant odor which all the time became more and more apparent.
Then placing an arm around Edna's waist, she led her to the front of the house, to the salon, where it was cool and sweet with the odor of great roses that stood upon the hearth in jars.
Odor frequency and odor annoyance Part I: assessment of frequency, intensity and hedonic tone of environmental odors in the field.
Two odors and two exposure durations were studied during the task sessions or rest period.
Get Rid of Boat Odors: A Boat Owner's Guide to Marine Sanitation Systems and Other Sources of Aggravation and Odor tells how to eliminate annoying odors on a boat by treating the source instead of the odor.
This product can be used on odors caused from kitchen, bath, mildew, fire and cigarette smoke, paint fumes, cleaning solvents, etc.
No resident has the right to allow their odors, whatever they may be, to intrude into other apartments or the common areas.
But occasionally the dream is shattered by unpleasant odors from animal feeding operations, food and ethanol processing plants, or other agricultural activities.
Environmental odors are inherent parts of most industrial processes; they may provoke an array of reactions, frequently becoming a cause of public environmental discomfort.
Washington, Apr 16 (ANI): An electronic system has been 'trained' by Weizmann Institute scientists to be able to predict the pleasantness of novel odors, just like a human would perceive them.
SAN DIEGO -- Earth Care Products of San Diego has introduced Clear the Air, a natural nontoxic odor-removal product designed specifically to eliminate such organic household odors as those associated with mildew, pets and aquariums.