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Ruggero, Italian physician; 1864-1913. See: Oddi sphincter.
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Bendith y Tad iti, cadwch draw oddi wrth dai pobl, beth bynnag .
Mae gan Mihangel Morgan y ddawn o daflu darllenydd oddi ar ei echel, ac mae hynny'n digwydd yn aml yma.
Known or suspected biliary duct obstruction, or sphincter of Oddi disease or dysfunction; a history of pancreatitis; structural diseases of the pancreas.
In Old Norse, the word oddi was first used to mean "a point of land.
12) Others have advocated endoscopic injection of botulinum into the sphincter of Oddi to differentiate pain arising from the sphincter of Oddi from pain in the gallbladder.
1,2) The AoV has an anatomic layer of mucosa, the sphincter of Oddi, perisphincteric or duodenal submucosa, and duodenal proper muscle, which correspond to the mucosa, muscularis mucosa, submucosa, and proper muscle layers of other gastrointestinal tract organs, respectively.
com)-- Leading printing company Oddi Printing, has received a certification from the Nordic Ecolabel for its leading environmental awareness within the Icelandic printing industry.
Removal of bile duct stones with endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography and sphincterotomy of the sphincter of Oddi results in less overall morbidity and severe morbidity than endoscopic balloon dilation in relatively young and healthy patients, according to the results of a randomized, prospective trial.
GYDA chyflwyno Hysbysiad Oddi ar y Ffordd Statudol (HOS) o fis Ionawr 1998 ymlaen, cafodd DVLA wared a'r opsiwn 'gwneud dim' a dal y modurwyr hynny a gai eu temtio i ohirio talu treth cerbyd pan fyddent yn derbyn eu nodyn atgoffa bod angen adnewyddu eu trwydded.
The three monks honoured were Mariano Da Roccacasale, who died in 1866, and two monks who worked in this century, Diego Oddi and Nicola Da Gesturi.
The idea behind the surgery is to get the sphincter of Oddi (the muscle located between the stomach and the esophagus) to do its job: namely, to contract so that swallowed food stays where it belongs - in the stomach.