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Heart surgery An anastomosis site restraining device designed to immobilize a specific area during minimally invasive “beating heart” CABG. See Beating heart surgery, Percutaneous coronary angioplasty.
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Se acerca a las cuevas donde podria haber pulpos (Octupus mimus).
viridis ("mejillon verde"), Pinctada imbricata ("ostra perla"), Loligo pler ("calamar") y Octupus vulgaris ("pulpo"), donde se hallaron contenidos de grasas entre 1.08 y 3.03%, siendo el "chipichipi", el "mejillon verde" y la "pepitota" los de mayor contenido lipidico (Cabello et al.
A huge mechanical octupus with massive teeth, supposed to represent the Fame Monster, formed the backdrop to the finale.
feedback the US and Europe, namely; Warner Bros., Velvet Octupus productions, Paramount Pictures, and MGM in addition to various other media -outlets and TV stations.
Vessels from France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece fish for tuna, shrimp and cephalopods such as squid and octupus in Guinea's waters.