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The highest (thus far reported) multi-gestation in which eight infants are delivered alive at the end of a single period of gestation
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Nadya, who had her octuplets and previous six children by IVF, had already lost public sympathy.
Currently, I do a full cycle through 5, 7, and 9 every day on my horn, starting from quarters and going to octuplets at about 54-60 bpm.
While the hope is that the octuplets will avoid these health risks, it is essential for the infants' mother and her helpers to keep potential warning signs of delays or deficits in mind and to know the resources in place should they be needed.
From Huffington Post: "The Octuplets and their Massive Carbon Footprint: 30,400 Disposable Diapers and Counting." A Boston Herald columnist called the birth "a childish way to get fame." Subtext: Any responsible person would have aborted most of the octuplets--or, even better, stopped long before at an eco-friendly pair.
Instead of showering the octuplets woman with attention, she should be forced to place all her children up for adoption.
Dubbed Octo-mom, she said that her octuplets were the product of six implanted embryos, the same procedure used to conceive her six other children.
She had IVF treatment through sperm donated by a so-far anonymous friend and while there will be plenty of paying photographers to picture the octuplets through various periods of growing up, just how much money does a single parent need for help in bringing up not just the eight but six more children she already had.
THE mother of octuplets said she was "fixated" on having children, as pictures of the babies aired for the first time.
THE fertility doctor who helped a California woman have 14 children, including octuplets born last month, is facing a state investigation.
THE US mother of octuplets came out of hiding yesterday to give her first public interview.
Cooing turns to criticism as mother of US octuplets is called a 'child abuser' raising questions about multiple births The coos and praise that surrounded the birth of octuplets to a Califonia woman and their successful delivery has now turned into cries of anger from fertility experts and the public.
I THE American mother of octuplets came out of hiding today to give her first public interview.