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A sympathomimetic amine; a false neurotransmitter produced by noradrenergic neurons in the presence of monoamine oxidase inhibitors.
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Instead of octopamine, mammals produce a comparable chemical called noradrenaline, which has been shown to control movement.
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found that aggression is almost abolished in mutant males lacking octopamine in Drosophila by using software to eliminate confounding effects [67].
An integrated serotonin and octopamine neuronal circuit directs the release of an endocrine signal to control C.
Comparison of effects octopamine and insecticidal essential oils on activity in the nerve cord, foregut, and dorsal unpaired median neurons of cockroaches.
Part used: fruit Active ingredientss: adrenergic amines: synephrine, N-methyltyramine, hordenine, octopamine and thyramine.
Synthesis and structure-activity relationships and effects of phenylpropanoid amides of octopamine and dopamine on tyrosinase inhibition and antioxidation.
Synergistic action of octopamine receptor agonists on the activity of selected novel insecticides for control of dengue vector Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) mosquito.
Moreover, homology modeling and docking studies indicate that coumarin, as well as other terpene compounds, may act as acetylcholinesterase inhibitors and can block the octopamine receptor pathway and thus be neurotoxic against mosquitoes [35].
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Octopamine (OA) OA plays an important role in the regulation of a number of key processes in nematodes, including pharyngeal pumping, locomotion and egg-laying.
These pesticides target a key neurotransmitter found in insects -- Octopamine -- that regulates their heart rate, movement, behaviour and metabolism.