Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman Gutierrez. An American woman who birthed octuplets in January 2009 and became a controversial figure
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The most troubling loan was actually to the Octomom and we worked very, very hard.
Suleman, who is known as Octomom, is also facing two counts of perjury, and one count of aid of misrepresentation after filing for welfare in 2013, and failure to report nearly 10,000 dollars in income earned from personal appearances.
It seems that Octomom or the nanny rarely take the children out and most of them spend all day holed up in the house as if they're in hiding.
No matter how irrelevant Octomom should be, she manages to stay relevant somehow by acting crazy.
Radhika Rao, Symposium Issue: Diving into the Gene Pool: How Assisted Reproductive Technology is Making a Splash in the Law: Presentation: How (not) to Regulate ART(s): Lessons from Octomom, 21 ALB.
Against this shaky backdrop, the world met Octomom, an out-of-work, single woman whose IVF-conceived octuplets joined six existing children amid a media feeding frenzy.
I mean do we really care that Octomom is bankrupt, that Kanye is dating Kim or that Angie is adopting yet another child?
There's no Springsteen or Cruise on my list, but I would argue the likes of James Bagian and Craig Barrett have had a more significant impact on society than, oh, I don't know, the Octomom.
Davidson, Octomom and Multi-Fetal Pregnancies: Why Federal Legislation Should Require Insurers to Cover In Vitro Fertilization, 17 WM.
There are, of course, cases like the Octomom where it is the result of a major malpractice.
And Nadya Suleman, fondly known as Octomom (media-sucking pigs usually end up with media-sucking nicknames), who is forever appearing (lips first) in every photo op, desperately trying to drum up some grub for her piglets.