caprylic acid

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cap·ryl·ic ac·id

(kap-ril'ik as'id),
A fatty acid found among the hydrolysis products of fat in butter, coconut oil, and other substances.
Synonym(s): octanoic acid
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caprylic acid

(kə-prĭl′ĭk, kă-)
A liquid fatty acid, C8H16O2, found in coconut oil and other fats and oils and having a rancid taste. It is used in the manufacture of dyes, perfumes, and fungicides. Also called octanoic acid.
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ca·pryl·ic ac·id

(kă-pril'ik as'id)
A fatty acid found among the hydrolysis products of fat in butter, coconut oil, and other substances.
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Organic acids (octanoic acid and hexanoic acid) were extracted using Gas Chromatography Solid Phase Microextraction (GC-SPME).
The heat maps in Figure 2A, for example, visualize trajectories for different treatment concentrations of octanoic acid. The rows in each heat map (from bottom to top) correspond to discrete snapshots of the system perturbation at successive time points (0, 1, 24, and 72 hr), and the columns in each heat map show the system state based on 10 HCI end points.
Among other compounds, octanoic acid decreased with delayed harvest, decanal was only present in FC/T1 (2012), and benzaldehyde was only present in T2 wines both years.
For instance, the rosy, orangy smell of octanol contrasts sharply with the rancid, sweaty odor of octanoic acid, although the molecules differ only in a side chain of atoms.
The compound was found to be 8-[2(cis-pent-2[prime]-enyl)-3-oxo-ciscyclopent-4-enyl] octanoic acid. Characterization of the compound was done by TLC, GC-MS, and NMR.
The major constituent being was found methyl ester of palmitic acid (13.59 %) while methyl ester of 9- oxo-nonanoic acid, 3-methylbut-3-enyl nonyl ester of fumaric acid, 2-decenal , methyl ester of 9- octadecenoic acid, methyl ester of octanoic acid and 2-undecenal and were found to be 11.89 %, 6.45 %, 5.09 %, 5.06 %, 4.53 % 4.53 % and 3.964 respectively.
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