caprylic acid

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cap·ryl·ic ac·id

(kap-ril'ik as'id),
A fatty acid found among the hydrolysis products of fat in butter, coconut oil, and other substances.
Synonym(s): octanoic acid
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caprylic acid

(kə-prĭl′ĭk, kă-)
A liquid fatty acid, C8H16O2, found in coconut oil and other fats and oils and having a rancid taste. It is used in the manufacture of dyes, perfumes, and fungicides. Also called octanoic acid.
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ca·pryl·ic ac·id

(kă-pril'ik as'id)
A fatty acid found among the hydrolysis products of fat in butter, coconut oil, and other substances.
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Inavir Dry Powder Inhaler 20mg (generic name laninamivir octanoate) was successfully developed and launched by Daiichi Sankyo in Japan for treatment of influenza A and B viruses in October 2010.
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