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Key words: comparative phylogeography, co-evolution, host-switching, historical demography, Ochotona princeps, Pleistocene
Blunted hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstrictive response in the rodent Ochotona curzoniae (pika) at high altitude.
Ochotona and other vertebrates of possible Illinoian age, from Kelso Cave, Halton County, Ontario.
In the present study, there were significant seasonal variations in several biochemical markers indicative of thermogenic capacity, which was supported by the MtP contents, the COX activity in liver and BAT, showing a consistency with the findings of previous studies on Ochotona curzoniae (Wang et al.
It has, however, been shown that IFM predicted the population dynamics well for the American pika Ochotona princes using occupancy data (Moilanen et al.
Disparate determinants of summer and winter diet selection of a generalist herbivore, Ochotona princeps.
Ochotona princeps is a generalist herbivore restricted to high-elevation talus slopes in North America (Broadbrooks 1965, Millar 1974).
During the time of my field studies, 2000-2002, concurrent research projects were being conducted on hoary marmots (groundhogs, Marmota caligata) and collared pikas (rock rabbits, Ochotona collaris), as well as on vegetation-climate and plant-herbivore interactions.