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The fact Taylor finished the match with a flashy bullseye on the first dart of his turn at the oche instead of setting up a double also angered Painter.
If his protgs emulate the game on the oche and class off it that Brown is showing, they won't go far wrong.
Those nerves can play tricks with your coordination as well and for one of the players to trip at the oche it's 10/1.
The arrangement will take Chisnall to Haydock several times, starting on May 28, when racegoers will be invited to tackle him on the oche.
Mark Smurthwaite, Anthony Manwell, Tommy Dove, Jonathan Watts and Roland McGinty will join and ex-BDO world champion Martin Adams on the oche at Coundon WMC in County Durham.
The fact that you find yourself grabbing imaginary ski poles or glancing at an invisible oche, is testament to the accuracy of the motion-controlled action.
YEsTERDAY's sOLuTIONs: D I SH GRAB APC OCHE ROSE COO HEEL EAS I NESS PA I D RATTY BADEGG PUNY AF I RE SAT LAB BASS G I N LENA ARC CUR SANDY AHOY MOSEYS THROW H I L T REDBARON LAGS URE R I PE AWOL GOD DOSS PLOY WEETHINKER: Across: 1 Ugly; 4 Excel; 7 Adorn; 8 Tiger; 9 Torso; 10 Maisonette; 14 Tunnel; 16 Depart; 17 Dry martini; 22 Plain; 23 Sharp; 25 Doubt; 26 Sorts; 27 Rota.
And it did not take long for the legendary commentator Sid Waddell to come up with a suitable sobriquet for him: "Frankie Dettori, the oche jockey.
Phil Taylor takes to the oche against Wes Newton tonight, but even the 13-time world champion's appearance will be overshadowed by two mouthwatering games, as Peter Manley and Colin Lloyd go up against World Matchplay debutants Michael van Gerwen and Mervyn King respectively.
ROBBIE Williams is having secret darts lessons from Phil "The Power" Taylor in a bid to be crowned king of the Take That oche.
yEsTErDay's sOLuTIOns: LASH GETS SPL OCHE RAUL LOU PEEL ORNAMENT PAUL T I NGE ACCENT MEAD BOARD MAR E L F TOSS HOY BRAE APT DUD PALMA AFAR MAGYAR SUSAN FENG CR I TER I A AMOS ADD SILL GILT RUE HOLY EDDY WEETHINKER: Across: 1 Rise; 4 Swarm; 7 Terse; 8 Angle; 9 Madam; 10 Tournament; 14 Orient; 16 Wrench; 17 Obligation; 22 Repel; 23 Delhi; 25 Elope; 26 Atlas; 27 Stag.
PREMIER League star Wayne Mardle was due to play the upcoming Superstars of Darts night at Marton Country Club on Thursday, June 12 but is double-booked and will now be replaced by PDC ace Adrian Lewis, who will join John Lowe and Keith Deller on the oche.