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an activity that has unique meaning and purpose for a person.


The activity that constitutes the social contribution one makes, for which some sort of compensation may generally be received.


1. Any goal-directed pursuit in which one works for a wage, salary, or other income.
2. Any goal-directed use of time.
3. Any activity or pursuit in which one is engaged outside one's work, e.g., a hobby or sport.

secondary occupation

Employment in addition to that for which one is primarily hired.
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Management, business, and financial occupations 14,179
We find that the sharp contraction in the labor market during the Great Recession was largely driven by the construction sector, which shed employment across all occupations.
When making career plans, you may find it helpful to know which occupations are expected to have lots of openings.
4 million jobs in occupations that typically require a high school diploma or no formal educational credential for entry.
Using statistical data reported by employers across Tennessee, TDLWD analyzed information for 754 occupations in Tennessee, along with 14 metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas across the state.
10 0 Scotland 5 0 Admin and secretarial occupations Managers, directors and senior officials Skilled trades occupations Caring, leisure and other service occupations Sales customer service occupations Professional occupations Associate Professional and technical occupations % pay gap % Change to last month since pre-Brexit % Change 35 % Change to last month since pre-Brexit % Change to now since pre-Brexit % Change to last month since pre-Brexit % Change to now since pre-Brexit 30 Occupation 0 US Dollar (1.
Most of the discussion has focused on the median and average hourly wage, but these measures are sensitive to changes in the mix of occupations.
Twelve determinants of labor shortages were investigated to compile indices of labor shortage risk These indices are presented and discussed for those occupations and industries that face the highest risks of labor shortages.
This article goes beyond the job seeker's perspective, however, to show how these data can be used in the economic development community to determine how difficult it would be to close a region's skills gap for an occupation or a category of occupations relative to a benchmark region.
Occupations related to healthcare dominate the list of occupations that are new to the 2010 Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) system.
The starting point for this presentation is that if we understand the complexity of everyday occupations and their various relationships to health, we also know how to alter aspects of our daily occupations in order to maintain and enhance health.
You will be surprised at the variety of occupations you will come across in the BMD certificates and Census returns.

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