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Falling into disuse; denoting abolition of a function.
[L. obsolesco, to grow out of use]
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Other sustaining engineering activities outsourced to CMOs include managing and optimizing existing product portfolios for new technology adoption, new feature additions, or part obsolescence management. Goals for managing legacy product portfolios include:
NAVAIR Obsolescence Management Team Technical Lead Chris Radford says: "The MORE library when combined with the AMRDEC team provides a service and capability that no one else in the industry provides.
To varying degrees, the PBL contractor may take responsibility for the management of such things as demand forecasting, warehousing, obsolescence management, repair/overhaul or replace decisions, consumable piece parts used in depot level repairs and overhauls, and technology/reliability insertion (Navy retains configuration control).
Common MRP systems and use of tools such as Agile provide a standard approach to obsolescence management, DfM/DfT, work instructions, travelers, process flow, quality metrics and monitoring activities.
There is a change in the documentation in configuration and obsolescence management so that the helicopter can fulfil the requirements of the FAR in the future as well.
The team performs COTS obsolescence management for SSDS and the Advanced Combat Direction System, which is a major undertaking when dealing with COTS products, according to Gaintner.
The Army is gauging obsolescence management within the standards set by the American, British, Canadian, Australian (ABCA) armies.
Under the new award, BAE Systems' Advanced Component Obsolescence Management will continue to help users forecast when parts that are used in Air Force systems and platforms will become obsolete.
These companies, operating within CIMdata's PLM Action Groups and Knowledge Councils, have sponsored research and staffed projects on topics such as PLM technology obsolescence management, model-based definition and the digital thread, model-based systems engineering, multi-view bill of material, and global collaboration within the design chain.
This is used both in design analysis during product development and in obsolescence management over time to assess and address sustainability issues.
Abstract: Proactive obsolescence management is effective in mitigating the risk posed by counterfeit parts.