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Falling into disuse; denoting abolition of a function.
[L. obsolesco, to grow out of use]
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"A great flavor house will intentionally try to obselete its own products and services as well as those of its competitors.
I say wasteland because it was littered with open spaces which were as much an eyesore as they were obselete.
Nor have there been the consequences for women that Rowland suggested -- women have not `become obselete or los[t] their right to bear children'.
One of its obselete fab lines in Japan will be shut down but it will also invest $70m to upgrade its Oregon-based 64Mbit DRAM plant to produce large-scale integration chips and other memory.
By breaking out of the auto manufacturing paradigm set by big US companies and picking up innovative new management ideas, Japan starting the Quality Revolution that made the old manufacturing scheme obselete and uncompetative in short order.
Arguments as to the timelessness of Madisonian and Jeffersonian values, and the possibility of amendment should those principles become obselete, are also invoked by supporters of the interpretative technique, popularly known as the doctrine of original intent.
If it was more than a year ago, your routes are probably obselete.
1) We knew that if we used conventional technology, even if we were successful, we would finish with a brand-new obselete system.