parrot beak tear

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The most common meniscal tear, a type of radial tear which begins at the free (inner) edge like other radial tears, but then curves into a longitudinal orientation—similar to longitudinal meniscal tears—as the tear extends toward the meniscal periphery. As the tear is traced on sequential MR images, it moves closer to the outer portion of the meniscus and then remains equidistant from the outer meniscal margin on subsequent images, as seen on longitudinal tears

par·rot beak tear

(par'ŏt bēk tār)
An injury to articular cartilage resulting in the separation of a narrow, curved wedge resembling a parrot's beak.
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Sagittal T2 Weighted Image shows Horizontal Oblique Tear (Arrow) reaching upto the Inferior Articular Surface associated with Parameniscal Cyst (Double Arrow)
Previous work has shown that the interosseous ligament is commonly ruptured by a longitudinal oblique tear of the interosseous ligament, oriented from the proximal radius to the distal ulna.
Foster also noted that the shrapnel damage was different from what he would expect after an aircraft engine explosion, which could cause "longer, thinner, oblique tears across the aircraft skin.