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n an assumed or assigned duty imposed by promise, law, contract, or society; the binding power of a vow, promise, oath, or contract.
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It belonged to the generosity as well as defiant force of his nature that he resolved not to shrink from showing to the full his sense of obligation to Bulstrode.
As a result of the recent deteriorating market conditions for debt obligations, the IRS has indicated that it will not regard specific debt obligations as applicable high-yield discount obligations (AHYDO) for purposes of Secs.
If the tenant delivers vacant possession of the space to the landlord, then these individuals are personally off the hook, except to the extent of their obligations through the date of delivery of possession.
The normal risk level of the working environment, the healthcare worker's specialty, the likely harm and benefits of treatment, and the competing obligations deriving from the worker's multiple roles will all influence the limits of the duty of care.
There must be a footnote disclosure in the financial statements of the following: description of the other post-employment benefits provided; employee groups covered; eligibility requirements; and the employer and participant obligations to contribute, quantified in some manner.
The generally accepted assumption that environmental cleanup obligations are "contingent" liabilities is inconsistent with applicable legal principles, recently adopted financial accounting standards and market reality.
The remaining provisions of this Statement are consistent with the Board's proposal to revise that definition to encompass certain obligations that a reporting entity can or must settle by issuing its own equity shares, depending on the nature of the relationship established between the holder and the issuer.
Unliquidated obligations that are no longer needed to pay for goods and services tie up funds that could be used for other permissible purposes.
Many moral obligations are both derived from and justified by one, or a combination, of these principles.
This exception for obligations that are collected within 30 days from the time incurred, however, is only available if the CFC does not hold for more than 60 days obligations that would qualify as U.
8 million 1992 series A bonds and the current offering are special, limited obligations of the commonwealth and represent the only direct debt of the commonwealth not bearing a general obligation pledge.