Otto H.F., German physician, 1843-1873. See: Obermeier spirillum.
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KODI NEMUNAITISBERRY AND HOLLY OBERMEIER, "Broadcast meteorologist decision making in the 2016 Hazardous Weather Testbed Probabilistic Hazard Information project," presented at the Fourth Conference on Weather Warnings and Communication, 21-23 June 2017, Kansas City, Missouri.
To our opinion, the identified tongue-shaped ('flame structures') and dome-shaped forms (diapir-like structures) with a thinning of the topmost strata clearly demonstrate liquefaction- and fluidization-induced features, which could be caused by earthquake-induced shaking of water saturated sediments (Obermeier & Pond 1998; Obermeier et al.
The ceremony was attended by Khaled Sha'aban, NBK Automobiles general manager, Dennis Obermeier, AMG senior executive, Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East FZE and other guests.
Bastian Obermayer, who along with Obermeier led coverage of the Panama Papers, couldn't agree more.
The authors wish to thank Michael Obermeier of GKM Gesellschaft fur Therapieforschung mbH, Germany, for conducting the statistical analysis, Christoph Engler of GKM Gesellschaft fur Therapieforschung mbH, Germany, for medical writing assistance in the final clinical study report, Maja Hojnik of AbbVie for being a protocol author, Jaka Brumen of AbbVie for clinical study report drafting, and all investigators and patients involved.
Our solders are not at Incirlik because of Turkey, but rather to fight Islamic State," said Julia Obermeier, a member of the Christian Social Union, the Bavarian sister party of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats.
Obermeier, Katrin Neubauer, Sabine Diedrich; the Laboratory Network for Enterovirus Diagnostics [1]
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Obermeier, director of air services development at Southwest Florida International Airport; Florice Hodges, public relations director of Best Home Services; and Julio Barina of Markham Norton Mosteller Wright & Company.
The firm Obermeier of Austria developed the main project.
Obermeier, Comment, Scoping Out the Limits of "Arms" Under the Second Amendment, 60 U.

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