Friedrich, Austrian physician, 1861-1925. See: Obermayer test.
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Islamabad -- Bastian Obermayer, the German Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who broke the Panama Papers story, termed the decision by the Supreme Court of Pakistan as 'historic' on Friday.
Her reference to global journalists who unveiled Panama Papers in April last year, compelled Bastian Obermayer, the Pulitzer-winning S'ddeutsche Zeitung reporter who broke the Panama Papers story, to respond and clarify.
Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer, reporters on one of 2016's most important news stories, the Panama Papers, recently issued a challenge in an essay published in The Guardian to their American colleagues covering President Donald Trump: Unite.
Limburg, Obermayer, Rebmann, Maxwell & Hippel LLP (Philadelphia).
Pictured (top) are Chris Zubek-Skees (left) and Ben Wieder from the Center for Public Integrity data team, and (at right) from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists team (from left) Frederik Obermaier, Gerard Ryle, and Bastian Obermayer.
It was late one evening that investigative journalist Bastian Obermayer received an anonymous message offering him access to secret data.
Durante dos dias, los reporteros de investigacion del diario aleman Frederich Obermaier y Bastian Obermayer y los directivos del ICIJ compartieron el alcance de la investigacion e instruyeron a los periodistas como investigar de mejor manera para no perderse en el mar de datos.
com, Obermayer didn't know it yet but this clandestine approach was entirely justified.
In this case Nuix worked with the German newspaper SAaAaAeA ddeutsche Zeitu (SZ), whose reporter Bastian Obermayer was contacted via encrypted chat about the leak.
Social networking is considered a useful means of communication, particularly with college students and young adults, and has been used for the dissemination of health information, including smoking cessation programs for college students (Junco, Heibergert, & Loken, 2011; Obermayer, Riley, Asif, & Jean-Mary, 2004).
Songyun Xie, (1) Chang Liu, (1) Klaus Obermayer, (2) Fangshi Zhu, (3) Linan Wang, (4) Xinzhou Xie, (1) and Wei Wang (1)
Obermayer, "Nonlinear feature selection with the potential support vector machine," in Feature Extraction, pp.

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