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o´culus uter´que (each eye).


[L.] o´culus uter´que (each eye).


(ŏk′ū-lŭs) plural.oculi [L.]
Eye; the organ of vision made up of the eyeball and optic nerve.

oculus dexter

Abbreviation: OD
The right eye.

oculus sinister

Abbreviation: OS
The left eye.

oculus uterque

Abbreviation: OU
Each eye.


[L.] oculi uterque (each eye).
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The universities benefited and the students benefited from this internal bank concept," said Penny Burgess, the current interim director of OUS treasury operations.
But with modest enrollment growth expected over the next 10 years, much of the limited additional capacity on OUS campuses will have to be filled by students from Oregon high schools if the state's goal of increased educational attainment is to be reached.
At the end of all this the chancellor's office may be redundant - in which case, Rose should not be so deeply rooted in the OUS culture that she becomes an obstacle to necessary change.
We urge the passage of legislation directing the OUS to prepare a report explaining staffing levels and detailing compensation paid to faculty, administrators and classified staff in ways that allow meaningful comparison to staffing and compensation patterns at similar institutions in comparable state systems.
The reserves give OUS institutions valuable insulation against future financial surprises and emergencies, ensuring a level of stability previously beyond their reach.
However, the OUS will cease to be a state agency on Jan.
The OUS board did not present anything comparable in scope or vision before Lariviere's arrival.
The UO and other OUS institutions can't educate today's student body, let alone tomorrow's, with yesterday's resources.
The court said only the Legislature can enact laws regulating guns and that OUS exceeded its authority in trying to do so.
We are pleased that three OUS campuses are receiving grants from eCollege.
OUS by purchasing department invites with this competition for the conclusion of the service concession agreement regarding the operation of the cafe and kiosk at Rikshospitalet.
The court ruled that state law allows only the Legislature to enact laws regulating guns and that the OUS exceeded its authority in writing the rules and attempting to bar guns.