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Masao T., Japanese dermatopathologist, 1885-1945. See: Ota nevus.
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occupational therapy assistant



One who works under the supervision of an occupational therapist to assist with patient or client assessment and intervention. The degree and scope of supervision required depend on practice statutes and the levels of competency of the assistant.
See: certified occupational therapy assistant
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2018-2025 Automotive Over-The-Air(OTA) Update Report on Global and United States Market, Status and Forecast, by Players, Types and Applications
When Nampa arrived at the scene, there was a standoff between the two groups who were gathering at the cemetery to pay homage to their fallen heroes, but OTA members were blocking the other group from proceeding to their ancestors graves which they supposed to visit first before proceed with the official ceremony as per traditional law, but the Namibian police intervened to separate the two groups.
'As I congratulate you on taking this huge stride, we want to assure you of a hitch-free and friendly business environment in Ota,' he noted.
Reportedly, the new OTA aims to empower Muslim travellers to hand-pick and book every aspect of their trip, including flights, hotels, excursions and transfers.
To further muddy the waters, a third type of OTA home subscribes to a virtual video multichannel programming distributor (vMVPD) commonly known as a "skinny bundle," which allows them to stream cable programs.
Also present on the occasion was Mundhir al Barwani, the OTA secretary, Salman al Balushi, the OTA executive manager, and Moosa al Hinai, the OTA board member.
All the mycotoxins were administered in purified form, and the doses were chosen according to the Chinese National Standards for mycotoxins, which fixed the upper feed limits at 50 [micro]g/kg for AFB1, 100 [micro]g/kg for OTA, and 500 [micro]g/kg for ZEA [19].
Male-to-female ratio is 1:4.8 for nevus of Ota. Acquired bilateral nevus of Ota-like macules (ABNOM) or Hori's nevus which was first described by Hori et al.3 in 1984 presents as asymptomatic blue-brown or slate-gray colored macules, located bilaterally on the face, without mucosal involvement.
Even though neither the American nor the European Legislation has set guideline threshold levels for OTA in meat products [6-8] and Italy is the only European country where a legal limit equal to 1 [micro]g/kg has been set for this mycotoxin in meats [9], the research works carried