permissible exposure limit

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per·mis·si·ble ex·po·sure lim·it

an occupational health standard to safeguard workers against dangerous contaminants in the workplace.
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For more information on the OSHA PEL, see supra text accompanying note 29.
Types of interventions were compared [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED] as a percentage of employees in compliance with the OSHA PEL for CO before intervention in 1991 and after intervention in 1992 and 1993.
However, if findings of other studies were used as a means of projecting exposures to brake repair (for example, a 15.9 fibers/cc exposure level associated with compressed air blowing) the responding repair locations would exceed the current OSHA PEL (3).
It is not known whether the recently adopted OSHA PEL of 50 [micro]g/m[sup.3] (5) prevents sensitization or protects persons who have become hypersensitive.
The federal OSHA PEL for respirable crystalline silica currently regulates the amount of silica-bearing respirable dust.
NIOSH health hazard evaluations conducted from 1979 through 1990 at radiator repair shops in California, Colorado, and Georgia found that, among 46 radiator repair workers, 68% had lead exposures exceeding the OSHA PEL, 83% had BLLs [equal to or greater than]30 [micro]g/dL, and 26% had BLLs [equal to or greater than]50 [micro]g/dL.
In order to evaluate employee exposure to respirable crystalline silica dust and determine compliance with the OSHA PEL, three key actions must be accomplished:
Consider the Safety Data Sheet for Formlabs resin, which suggests: "Ventilation Controls: Ensure adequate ventilation." The same Formlabs SDS states that there are no OSHA PELs for the components in the resin.
But, there are many potentially dangerous chemicals that do not have OSHA PELs established.