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Methods: In this prospective study, 103 patients with OSAS (study group) and 37 healthy subjects were enrolled.
Where, P is predetermined value of prevalence of OSA that is ascertained by previous published data that is taken as 30%.
In the literature, many studies have shown that nocturia was associated with OSAS and nocturia reduced health-quality and increased morbidity in OSA patients, but the mechanisms causing nocturia in patients with OSA have not been fully explained by these studies (8,9,10).
To examine how conclusions about the prevalence of OSA experience compare between the specific OSAs, subtypes, and overall we examined the descriptive statistics.
The inclusion criteria were listed as follows: (a) case-control studies; (b) the articles investigating the relationship of OSA and DR; (c) the articles providing the frequency of DR in case (OSA+) and control (OSA-) groups.
A total of 25 studies with 1,503 OSA patients and 796 healthy control participants were included in this study.
Epidemiologic studies have recorded relations of OSA with hypertension.
Three-dimensional facial scanning procedure for evaluating facial soft tissue changes were performed on OSAS patients (applicants having sleep laboratory diagnosis due to complaints) on the same day as the polysomnography.
The combination of overnight pulse oximetry and the McGill oximetry score (MOS) is a reliable screening tool for moderate to severe OSA. [4,8,9] Overnight pulse oximetry is an accessible, simple and cost-effective alternative to PSG and may assist in prioritising children for operative interventions where resources are scarce.
Evidences from the literature point towards an increased prevalence of OSA among obese patients.
17 patients (85.0%), p>0.05] between patients with moderate and severe OSA before CPAP therapy.
This study prospectively recruited 150 men who planned to receive CPAP for moderate-to-severe OSAS (an apneahypopnea index [AHI] of >15) between 2009 and 2011 at affiliated institutions in Japan.