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Thirteen patients were diagnosed with having only OSAHS (49 [+ or -] 2 years old, 1 female), and 23 patients were diagnosed with having both OSAHS and LPR (46 [+ or -] 2 years old, 4 females).
There are two different groups of scales to measure the quality of life of people with OSAHS: the first includes generic scales, used for other diseases.
This study evaluated the efficacy of ArthroCare Low-temperature Plasma Surgery System for performing minimally invasive tonsil ablations on 49 pediatric patients with OSAHS.
(1) Subjects received insulin therapy in 3 months prior to the study; (2) they had an HbA1c level of more than 75mmol/mol (9.0%); (3) they were currently afflicted with diabetic ketoacidosis or hyperosmolar coma; (4) they were currently afflicted with cardiovascular disease or other serious diseases; (5) they were currently afflicted with hypoglycemia or suspected hypoglycemia; (6) they had a creatinine clearance rate of <45 mL/min; (7) they had impaired liver function (liver enzymes more than twice the upper limit of normal); (8) they were currently receiving any hypnagogue; (9) they should be in poor compliance with diabetes treatment; or (10) they had a history of OSAHS.
Thirteen volunteers with OSAHS were recruited from the community.
The average prevalence of OSA is around 4-6% for middle age men and women; however, all these studies are from the western world; as such, no comprehensive data is available on the prevalence of OSAHS in the Middle East, UAE, and other countries primarily owing to the lack of awareness among clinicians and community, scarcity of resources, and other cultural and social beliefs.
Based on the anatomic atlas [7] and sagittal bitmaps of computed tomography (CT) scans acquired from OSAHS patients [6], a 3D model of the pharyngeal and nasal cavities was created in SolidEdge (Siemens PLM Software, Germany).
If both OSAHS and COPD coexist in an individual, REM sleep related oxygen desaturation is more severe and as a result leads to many Cardiac, Non-Cardiac complications like Fluid Retention.
A large number of clinical investigations [8, 9] and experimental studies [10, 11] focusing on the common risk factors, pathologic evolution, and underlying mechanisms of OSAHS have demonstrated that CIH-mediated AS plays an important role in OSAHS-related cardiocerebrovascular diseases.
We believe that a high index of suspicion should be maintained for supraglottic and glottic pathology in cases of OSAHS that are refractive to aggressive treatment with positive airway pressure and optimal medical management, especially when limited oropharyngeal redundancy is noted.
On the other hand, any patients reporting suspicious symptoms or signs for OSAHS were excluded from the study.
All adult patients (over 18 years of age) with a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS) and no other SDB affection were enrolled.