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Francesco, Italian physician, 1828-1890. See: Orsi-Grocco method.
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Caption: James Cosolito, First Nationwide Title; Anthony Orso and Henry Stimter, CCRE; Neal Rodin & Victor Rodin, International Financial Company; Eli Elefant, PBC
Noting that "freezer cases are often crowded, foggy and sometimes cluttered," Orso notes that Barely Bread "worked very hard to create packaging that would stand out among the masses and entice consumers."
Orso's and Lehrman's careers tracked a similar path.
Suggestive of the grandeur of laments found in Sophocles, and, at the same time, the crude naivete of provincial custom, Colomba's gift for spontaneous poetic expression is one way in which Merimee draws out the central conflict of his novel, which is the choice that Orso must make between Corsican values and those of modern Europe.
Prior to Orso, Lydon was president of Andrew Lydon Consulting from 2006 to 2013, where he specialized in providing analysis, modeling, and due diligence for hedge funds.
Nevertheless, I believe that it is important for all who love our church to listen to our brothers and sisters who, like Joe Orso, think that we're becoming irrelevant.
Steven Orso's meticulously researched and convincingly argued study advances a new and intriguing interpretation of the painting, and proposes a correspondingly new title: "Bacchus in Iberia."
Le Pere humilie ( The Humiliation of the Father, 1916) describes the love between their blind daughter, Pensee, and the brothers Orian and Orso de Homodarmes.
The forum, held at Bloomberg's 731 Lexington Avenue headquarters, featured Rechler, Clarion Partners managing director Drew Fung, CCRE co-CEO and co-founder Anthony Orso, and Lightstone chairman and CEO David Lichtenstein.
Anthony Orso of Cantor Commercial Real EstateFrom the January issue: Conditions weren't exactly ideal when Doug Tiesi arrived from London in the spring of 2009 to head up The Royal Bank of Scotland's North American real estate advisory group.