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(or-thof″thăl-al′dĭ-hīd″) [ ortho- + (na)phthal(ene) + aldehyde],


A microbicidal chemical used to disinfect surfaces, endoscopes, and other heat-sensitive instruments.


Personnel who use OPA must wear gloves, goggles, and gowns to prevent contact with mucous membranes or skin.
CAS # 643-79-8
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OPA emphasized that pharmacies are secure health centers that can monitor medication use in real time and properly store and handle sensitive products and controlled substances such as medicinal cannabis.
To understand OPA, it is necessary to examine what it replaced.
By operating as a dynamic web-based platform, the OPA will ensure easy and equal dissemination of resources amongst all our stakeholders across the country.
According to Capio, OPA Privathospital will be included in its Danish operations, Capio CFR, which have been part of Capio since 1 January 2017.
OPA also leads international efforts to support a sustainable "blue economy," which promotes the interdependent nature of a healthy ocean and the sustainable economic activity that results.
Subinay Nandy noted the important role of civil society and professional organizations like the OPA, "As professionals from diverse backgrounds, you have a very special place, today.
In pre-hospital, the effectiveness of LMA in maintaining a patient airway and improving pulmonary ventilation as well as its complications, in the hands of paramedics, has remained less known; therefore we conducted this study aiming at comparing the effectiveness of three airway management devices including ETI, OPA, and LMA in real situation by paramedics.
The role of OPA focuses on highlighting the cultural dimension in stamp collecting hoppy, organizing exhibitions and participation in the Gulf, Asian and international exhibitions for philatelists, promoting the hobby among youths and documenting the history of the Omani postage stamps.
As a general observation, all the foamed concrete mixes with an OPA content showed strength development through the ages hinting the existence of a pozzolanic reaction.
The OPA agrees with the Commission that edge providers should not need permissions from ISPs in order to reach consumers, and ISPs should not restrict consumers from accessing lawful content.
Based on Lavendon's 'SkySiren' technology, the OPA can be retrofitted to any of Genie's articulated or telescopic boom lifts manufactured after 2002 for the Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Russia (EMEAR) region.
BluEarth has also secured 20-year contracts with the OPA under the province's Feed-in Tariff program.