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n osteopathic manipulative therapy; a comprehensive, noninvasive, hands-on method used by osteopathic practitioners to diagnose, treat, and prevent bodily illnesses and treat injuries. It can be used separately or in conjunction with surgery or medicinal therapies.
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The model assumes that 86% of patients who fail SNM will opt for BonT-A and 14% would opt for OMT.
The nonpolar POE lacks of favorable interactions with OMT, which limits the dispersion of OMT in POE during melt compounding.
To conclude, just as Germany accepted OMT in return for the fiscal pact, it may accept QE in return for structural reforms.
I find that until the inflammation is resolved by the use of herbs, antibiotics, or any combination thereof, provided in conjunction with OMT, the patient's symptoms will remain consistently present or will continue to recur in a cyclical predictable manner reflecting the growth cycle of the particular microbes that are predominating.
Carolina Casagrande PT, OMT Assistant lecturer Master in Musculoskeletal Disorders Rehabilitation, University of Genova
At the same time, however, the design of OMT makes it clear to everyone that the program is effectively limited, for one by the restriction to the shorter part of the yield curve and the resulting limited pool of bonds which may actually be purchased.
The deal structure enables OMT to tap into the economics of rapidly growing Asian companies and, when global rights are not exercised by WuXi's clients, to leverage their data for OMT product development and/or partnering outside Asia.
Jude Medical stop patient enrollment due to increased patient risk of major adverse cardiac events among patients randomized to OMT alone compared to patients randomized to OMT plus FFR-guided PCI.
The Birmingham South OMT is made up of police and probation officers, with drugs health and social workers at hand.
3) OMT is a salivary component from the capillaries of the gingival gum margin and has a high concentration of immunoglobulin G (IgG).
OMT and the Federal Bank of Lebanon have signed an agreement to provide the "Cash to Bank" service, which allows the bank's clients to directly transfer cash into their current accounts and settle loan payments and credit card bills through any of OMT's 900 locations.