Omsk hemorrhagic fever

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Omsk hem·or·rhag·ic fe·ver

a form of epidemic hemorrhagic fever found in central Russia, caused by the Omsk hemorrhagic fever virus, a member of the family Flaviviridae, and transmitted by Dermacentor ticks; associated with gastrointestinal symptoms and hemorrhages but little or no central nervous system involvement.
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(iii) The effectiveness and interpretability of our framework are demonstrated through experiments on a real OHF dataset, where we analyze the interpretations provided by our framework in detail.
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We observe from Table 3 that OHM does not differ significantly from NOHM and ONH on any of the dimensions, where as the responses differ significantly from OHF as well as ORC on OF (t = 7.11, p<.OI; t = -6.9, p <.O1 respectively, and OI (t=-6.44,p<.01;t=-3.86,p< .01 respectively).
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