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In the Maute request, the OCJ directly endorsed this to the Court En Banc without referring it to the OCA because of the ongoing violence in Marawi City and the need to take immediate action; in the request for transfer of venue in the Mamasapano incident, the OCJ followed the standard procedure of referring the matter to the OCA because there were no ongoing hostilities,' the SC-PIO explained.
The additional clinical spectrum of OCA patients from all three families are presented in Table.
I think together we have been able to give OCA a new direction,and the new state- of- the- art OCA headquarters in Kuwait is a fitting testament to his vision and leadership.
Most of the books in OCA are public domain, pre-1922 titles that do not fall under present copyright law.
Actually, oca is not new to horticulturists--it was introduced to England, the United States and France as a novelty during the 1830s.
OCA uses Creative Commons and the many open standards developed to share information where it can, and works to make major resources available to all without injury to any.
The OCA will, unlike the Google project, only accept copyrighted material from publishers who have opted in to the scheme.
OCA has been a good resource of high-quality, online training and education for hundreds of corrections personnel by offering training that meets pre-service and in-service training requirements; providing asynchronous (individual self-pace) and synchronous (instructors to control and navigate student instruction) e-learning; offering conveniently accessible training (24 hours a day, seven days a week); and providing affordable training to both individuals and agencies.
Over the past year and a half, SEC Chief Accountant Don Nicolaisen has restructured and more than doubled the size of OCA, and improved communications between OCA and other divisions within the commission.
THIS OCA has produced a small booklet as a souvenir of the 5th's actions D-Day and Ending of War, May, 1945.
Executive Director Ronnie Cummins of the OCA has accused some companies of "label fraud" and an "organic scam," and his group's "Coming Clean" campaign has run full-page ads in several magazines, including this one.