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For rigid injection molding, such as pressure fittings, the OBS 300 series reportedly provides processing behavior comparable to traditional materials but with no odor and high HDT.
OBS is a highly specialized Atlanta-based technology company providing next-generation Cash Management and Business Banking revenue generating solutions to Financial Institutions.
OBS Medical is based in Carmel, Indiana and provides innovative clinical algorithms for safer hospitals, safer patients and safer drugs.
On usability, OBS CEO Dan Myers says, "Now that we have completed the integration with Online Messenger, the resulting system is as secure as existing two-factor security systems, easier to use, maintain and administer and less expensive to implement.
OBS Medical is thrilled about our partnership with Spaulding Clinical - together we will offer next generation technologies and services for improving cardiac safety," commented Frank Cheng, OBS Medical CEO.
Campbell, president and chief executive officer of OBS said, "This partnership was a logical pairing of two organizations that provide different, but complementary, services to the same client base.
Unlike other optical switches that rely on pre-provisioned optical circuits, OBS employs optical burst transponders that switch packet traffic in bursts at different wavelengths.