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A gene on chromosome 11p11.2 that encodes a transcription factor which acts during endoplasmic reticulum stress by activating unfolded protein response target genes, which is involved in ER-stress response in CNS astrocytes, and may play a role in gliosis.


Cardiology A clinical trial–Organization to Assess Strategies for Ischemic Syndromes. See Heparin, Hirudin, OASIS-2 Managed care A system developed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, CMS, formerly HCFA, as part of the required home care assessment for reimbursing health care providers; OASIS combines 20 data elements to measure case-mix across 3 domains–clinical severity, functional statuts and utilization factors. See HHRG.


Cardiovascular disease A catheter system for treating occluded hemodialysis grafts; a low-pressure water jet is used to break up a clot and remove clot fragments. See Deep vein thrombosis.


Abbreviation and acronym for Outcome and Assessment Information Set.


Outcome and assessment information set.


(ō-ā′sĭs) plural.oases [Gr., a fertile area in an arid region]
An area of healthy tissue surrounded by a diseased portion.
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The OASIS Security Services Technical Committee includes representatives from Baltimore Technologies, Cisco, Commerce One, DataChannel, Entegrity, Entrust, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Jamcracker, Netegrity, Oblix, OpenNetwork, Securant, SilverStream, Sun Microsytems, Tivoli, Verisign, Vordel and WebMethods.
1 is an important milestone in the evolution of the OpenDocument OASIS Standard," said Erwin Tenhumberg of Sun Microsystems, co-chair of the OASIS ODF Adoption Committee.
The ebBP OASIS Standard is a powerful tool for enabling the typical European large networks of small and medium enterprises to formalize a common model of business collaboration in a more efficient and transparent way," said Cristiano Novelli, researcher at Italy's ENEA.
Members themselves set the OASIS technical agenda, using a lightweight, open process expressly designed to promote industry consensus and unite disparate efforts.
We are delighted to have been involved in the creation of the OASIS SOA Reference Model and are already using it on several of our engagements," said Andy Mulholland, Global CTO, Capgemini.
AmberPoint, Fujitsu, and IBM have all implemented WS-Notification either internally or externally (in keeping with the consortium's requirement that at least three parties assert successful implementation prior to OASIS Standard balloting).
The WSDM OASIS Standard will significantly enhance interoperability among enterprise management applications, enabling IT organizations to optimize service levels and reduce operational costs.
Gutentag, chair of the OASIS Board, commented, "Our directors' affiliations reflect the nature of the OASIS organization--internationally diverse and representative of the entire community of users, suppliers, governments, academia, and consultants.
Biometric systems are becoming more complex as they are integrated into larger identity management and credentialing systems," observed Catherine Tilton of Daon, chair of the OASIS BIAS Integration Technical Committee.
The OASIS international standards consortium today announced that its members have approved the Emergency Data Exchange Language Distribution Element (EDXL-DE) version 1.
Developed by the OASIS Provisioning Services Technical Committee, SPML is an approved OASIS Standard that lets companies manage the provisioning and allocation of identity information and system resources within and between organizations.
GENEVA & BOSTON -- The OpenDocument OASIS Standard, a format which enables users of varying office suites to freely exchange documents, has been approved for release as an ISO and IEC International Standard.