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on or about,

adv a phrase used in stating the date of an occurrence or conveyance to avoid being bound by the statement of an exact or certain date.
n a genus of elongated filariform nematodes that inhabit the connective tissue of their hosts, usually within firm nodules in which these parasites are coiled and entangled.
O. volvulus,
n the blinding nodular nematode that causes dermatologic lesions and ocular complications that lead to blindness.
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bancrofti may play an important role in its interaction with other parasites, such as O.
activity in vitro (38), we can surmise that the larval stages could be the most important phase for study on any possible heterologous interaction between O.
In both the study populations, the prevalence and intensity of O.
Molecular systematies of five Onchocerca species (Nematoda: Filarioidea) including the human parasite, O.
Assignment to the genus Onchocerca was obvious, but species identification still posed a problem because published O.
Microfilariae were fixed with 2% formalin and stained with Giemsa in order to confirm their specific identity as O.
3% of the 440 adults examined were parasitologically positive for O.
In a test on cows, a team of British, German, and Cameroonian scientists now reports that a very close cousin of O.
The study suggests that the antibiotic might kill O.
Such a diagnostic, said Janda, might ultimately be a simple urine dipstick test, much like a home pregnancy test, which would indicate the amount of the O.
A better diagnostic marker would be a metabolite of O.
The transmission of onchocerciasis varies with location and season and may also be influenced by the longevity of the fly and its ability to support the development of O.