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on or about,

adv a phrase used in stating the date of an occurrence or conveyance to avoid being bound by the statement of an exact or certain date.
n a genus of elongated filariform nematodes that inhabit the connective tissue of their hosts, usually within firm nodules in which these parasites are coiled and entangled.
O. volvulus,
n the blinding nodular nematode that causes dermatologic lesions and ocular complications that lead to blindness.
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ochengi, a closely related parasite known to mimic the immunological status of humans living in regions susceptible for O.
In the EO population, single species microfilaraemia constituted most of the microfilaraemic cases as follows: O.
bancrofti mf prevalence among those positive for O.
In a test on cows, a team of British, German, and Cameroonian scientists now reports that a very close cousin of O.
The study suggests that the antibiotic might kill O.
immitis venom allergen antigen 5-like (VA5) proteins as well as nucleic acid molecules that encode other structurally similar filarid VA5 proteins, including those that encode O.
This study has evaluated the entomological parameters of transmission of O.