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n a doughnut-shaped flexible gasket made of synthetic material. Used as an overdenture attachment.
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The O-Ring Store LLC and FDA O-Rings are either registered trademarks or trademarks of The O-Ring Store LLC in the United States and/or other countries.
Bi-Digital O-Ring Test - historical perspectives corroboration of discoveries using the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, with current research from Western scientific journals [Web document].
Prior to installing o-rings, apply ample grease to coat completely the o-ring and especially the bore walls.
BOMA International filed a lawsuit on June 1, 2001, seeking removal and replacement of the O-ring sprinklers on behalf of its members after independent testing revealed that some of Central's O-ring sprinklers could degrade over time, affecting how the sprinklers activate in a fire.
The engineers, Boisjoly and Thompson, had expressed some question about how long it would take that [primary] O-ring to move, [had] accepted that as a possibility, not a probability, but it was possible.
However, the company finished first in the "management factor" and second in the "manufacturing, refurbishment and product support factor," and the board's report described Thiokol's O-ring approach as "an innovative design feature" that "increased reliability and decreased operations at the launch site, indicating good attention to low cost .
8220;We put a lot of thought and research into the Saflok[TM] Hybrid Mining Bolt Swivel Anchor and the Saflok[TM] Mining Bolt Anchor with Swivelling O-Ring, resulting in two new products that are ideal for fall arrest, restraint, work positioning and rescue systems.
The good news is you can get some O-rings free from the Mechanical Equipment Company (MECO).
In this application, the manufacturer of an aircraft fuel pump contacted Parker Hannifin for help with a series of unusual o-ring failures resulting in fuel leakage.
Leaks are generally related to failure of o-ring seals.
Nose-gear problems on other A320s have been blamed on software in a braking-and-steering control unit; on aging O-ring seals on a valve; on a malfunctioning landing-gear control-interface unit; and on a misinstalled shock absorber, records show.