The acetyl derivative of carnitine formed by carnitine acetyltransferase. Facilitates acetyl transport into the mitochondria and is an important fuel source for sperm.
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O-acetylcarnitine, hexanoylcarnitine, N-phenylacetylglycine, and ethanolamine were also decreased, pointing to higher fatty acid and lipid metabolism in synovial fluid of OA patients (41).
Metabolite Experimental Reference model Lactate, alanine, acetate, Equine 32 N-acetylglucosamine, citrate, creatine/creatinine, glycerol, HDL choline, and [alpha]-glucose Glycerol and hydroxybutyrate Canine 34 Glycine, serine, creatine, choline Ovine 36 hydroxyproline, creatine and proline 4-methyl-2-oxopenthanoate Human 41 O-acetylcarnitine, hexanoylcarnitine, N-phenylacetylglycine and ethanolamine Arabitol, glucose, galactose (OA KL1); Human 50 [beta]-alanine, pyruvate, terephalate (OA KL2) HDL: high-density lipoprotein; OA: osteoarthritis; KL: Kellgren Lawrence classification of osteoarthritis.